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You won't believe what happens when you flush your toilet with the toilet seat up.

If the toilet seat is left up during flushing

There actually is fecal matter spread all over your bathroom.

Yes, if you can see your toothbrush, there will be feces stuck to it.

In plain English, there will be poop on your toothbrush and towels.

Believe it – manure on the sink, windowsill, covering the bathtub.

– all over the place.

"YUCK"( GROSS right? )

Simply close the lid and live healthier.

You know

(See link at bottom of page for "Soft Close" toilet seats) "-LOOK-"

For many people it seems like they catch colds all the time, and can't figure out why.

Some folks just don't ever feel that good, and don't know the reason.

A few are actually flu ridden constantly, and this small change would make all the difference.

So – put the seat down and live in better health.

Find PROOF in these videos:

What Dr. Oz says about it -

Here's a cartoon explaining everything -


You could get a "soft (quiet) closing" seat

so it never slams down - "LOOK HERE"